Plant & Flower Care Instructions

Orchids need to be watered once a week. Using a spray water bottle, apply 35 – 40 sprays of water at the base of the plant. Never spray the flower or the stem. Allow soil to dry between watering. Bright indirect sunlight is recommended. Avoid placing your Orchids near air conditioning vents or direct heat. They like to be appreciated, so don’t forget to give them a wink and smile.

Keep the vase filled to the top with water so that all flower and foliage stems are submerged. Doing so will ensure that they stay fresher, longer. When the water begins to get cloudy it means it’s time to change it out with fresh water. Remove fading blooms and wilted foliage. If your arrangement is in a basket or shallow dish, please keep the floral foam saturated with water by pouring water all over with a small jug or canister. Keep your flowers out of direct sunlight and away from heating or cooling vents as this can dry them out and cause them to wilt. Most flowers will last longer when kept in a cool place. Remember, some flowers last longer than others, so thank them when they do. When you are ready to dispose of them, have gratitude for having them lifted, purified, and beautified your space.

Succulents need indirect or filtered sunlight as direct sunlight will damage the leaves. Check the soil every 5-7 days, if dry then water in the center of the order to penetrate down to the roots. Move the moss to one side if needed & replace after you have watered the plant. Overwatering will destroy the roots. Don’t forget to talk to your plants, they feel loving vibes.