Kingsley Hotel

In her garden courtyard at her home in Bel Air - Leonard Cohen’s Hallelujah is playing. Music notes drip off the leaves and circle around her. Denise Anstey moves and dances around her Atelier, creating a picture of floral poetry. Multi-tasking as the ‘queen of f*king everything’ - she is authentic, raw, and real.

11 Kingsley, the eponymous Cape Town seaside hotel her parents owned, and in which she grew up, is the inspiration behind the name. Living in a hotel, having full run of the joint, and mingling with exotic characters from Senegal to Australia, sparked her young imagination and wanderlust for greater things.

As an LA native for the last 38 years, she knows the city like no other. Visiting the flower markets, personally choosing the elements she plans to use, making friends wherever she goes. With secateurs always on hand, she claims blossom branches from arborists making a fair trim. A smile and a vibe, and she departs in a flurry of leaves with branches attached to the roof of her car, ready to add to a custom order. 

Each bespoke design is artfully and consciously created for celebrations, commiserations, life milestones, or the simple pleasures of a floral installation in your home or office. Choose from her Soul Family, Rhapsody, or Madame Orchid Collections - each offering their unique personalities.

Humor and hustle are what bring her daring and inspiring floral and plant creations to life. In her quest for celebrating beauty, 11 Kingsley delivers all that is wondrous.